How to Create a Social Media Content Strategy? A start to Finish Guide.

How to Create a Social Media Content Strategy? A start to Finish Guide.

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How to Create a Social Media Content Strategy? A start to Finish Guide.

Shall I call a social media a sport? Because like the sport it is competitive, collaborative and strategic. As same as a sport you need the right pieces to shoot it at the right time. In other words, to make a renowned name in social media you need the right content strategy.

But the question is, how you create a successful content strategy? No worries, right from the initiating to executing this blog gives you complete guidance. So, let’s get started.

Pro tip: If you have no time to execute content strategy you can hire the best social media marketing company, which can strategies everything for your brand on your behalf.

5 Winning a social media content strategy:

Step1: Begins with a social media content audit.

First select the social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+. Keep in mind never make multiple accounts on multiple platforms. If you have less time than stick to one platform and post content consistently.

Step2: Work on Content Plan.

Before creating or starting posting a content, ask yourself three questions that are;

  • What content do I want to provide to my audience?
  • How I can make social media content relevant to my services?
  • How will I improve my social media content in the future?

Once you get your answers then wrapped our content in an organized way and publish it. Keep in mind please proofread your content before publishing. If you need an experienced content writer you can hire a social media marketing company for that.

Step3:  Find kinds of stuff that makes you Unique.

Your competitors likely have simpler products and services. So, you have to add something better that makes you unique and appreciable. There is where content comes in. Though you are selling the same products you can describe it more beautifully than others. Your content will say everything that you are offering and makes your customers more qualified about your product.

Step4: Develop a content calendar.

Just as you can create content, you also have to develop a content calendar. I am a big believer that content calendar plays an important role to execute content strategy successfully because it gives you a clear idea what content you should plan for. You have a list of stories that you want to publish in upcoming months and events.

Step5: Double- Check your Content Performance:


How do you know your content is working on social media? To know, use the social media report analytic tools which will give content analytic. If Google is accepting your content that means you are getting social media love. For this purpose you can take the help of social media marketing company.