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We are worshipper of Goddess of Creativity. At Design Pundit we are team of enthusiastic and creative team of professionals from wide range of backgrounds and disciplines.

We function to integrate marketing, communication, advertising, interactive media, customer experience. We are growing and evolving everyday to keep pace with the ever-changing world of communication. Design Pundit is a young, 6 year old, creative house, established in Gurgaon in Sept 2009. Since then we have seen a lot - from huge recession to huge hike in petrol prices, from the rise of Obama to the fall of Osama, From India lifting world cup in 28 years To India facing most humiliating 4-0 defeat in England in last 60 years……
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Harmony Springs

Composed by Nature, Tuned by Tradition

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Sabrett Buns

The Empire State of Buns

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Brick it

Real Thin Bricks Veneers

Other Clients

We’ve worked with clients from mom-and-pop shops to fortune 500 companies. No matter how large or small your needs, we can make it work.
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Hudson Bread
  • Bohemian National Hall
  • New Jersey Plastic Surgery
  • Affinity Cycles
  • Daya Yoga Studio
  • Red Head Properties
  • Terranova Bakery
  • Viola Bakery
  • Pechters Bakery
  • Cupful
  • Nowy Dziennik
  • Classic Travel
  • Global Boxing
  • Mohawk Stucco
  • Pharmatech International
  • Lucas Zarebinski Photography
  • Roar Africa
  • Act Data
  • Riverview Studios